Windows Phone 10 Build 10547

The latest build of Windows phone 10 is build is 10547, which was released yesterday. There are around 2000 bug fixes in the Build 10512 and so on.

Many of the bugs fixed in this latest Build, but still some of them are present.
Windows OS has been become very smooth, although it some times hang for a while.

Also Wi-fi turns On automatically, whether you turn it off or not.

if you are having password/pin On, it takes for a while to unlock phone.

Some times it hung up for a while, when you try to end call.

Also Store app has been renewed, but it's more slower than previous one same as Windows OS 10 on PC.

Some of the application like Office apps like Excel ,Powerpoint , calculator, has to be downloaded from the store and it takes very long time.

Some of the previously installed apps may not work, after the update.

The screen orientations of the apps has been changed,for some it is working nice, and for some it's quite OK.

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