How to enable Cortana for Indian users

Sad news for Indian Windows users, we are not getting the facility of Cortana in Windows 10 but there is way you can enable Cortana in your Windows 10 Pc.

All you have to do is just follow the given simple steps:

Go to settings, click on Time and Language option.                                                                          

Select Region and Language option in the left pane of the window, select the region for which Cortana  is available and also you should add a language for which Cortana is available. I have made my region as United States and added a language English(United States).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

if you are adding the language pack then your PC will restart for several times for the language package.

Once all this is done, click on search bar present along with the start button,you will see it will enlarge and show some news or anything else(if you are connected to net), click on settings butoon present on the left side of window and turn on the Cortana option as shown in the picture. 

after switching it on,a agreement window will open ,click on I agree option, and your Corrtana will start working.

if you have any problem regarding the set up of Cortana, post your comment on the comment section and for any problem regarding your pc you can also mention that. Thank you

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