How to remove ad's from Youtube

You want to watching  any video and you are getting a lot of disturbance due to the advertisements,
Now here is the solution for you if you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, all you have to do to is follow some simple steps for chrome browser:

Go to Chrome web store,click here 

after that search for the extension "Ad Block Plus" as shown in the picture. make sure you install same extension as shown in the picture, because I have tried many and this  one is the most efficient one.

click on Add to Chrome option, since i have already installed it, so it will not showing this option for me so don't get confused with that.

once this is done,it might  happen that it is not enabled by chrome, so go to Chrome Extensions and enable it from there.

hope this will help you to have a better experience with Youtube.

If you have any problem regarding this you can simply post it in the comment section.

3 comments for "How to remove ad's from Youtube"

  1. Hey buddy
    For Android how can I remove add from tubemate 2.2.6 build

    1. you have to download the cracked version of tube mate
      the link to download the app is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B54Gh7H3Mrz1dVpQMDdjejNJemM/edit

  2. Thanks a lot,, success!