Many phones have been released this year, although first half of the year 2016 conquered by the chinese manufacturers. The list as follows:-

  1. One Pus 3
  2. Letv Le Max
  3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  4. Letv Le 1s
  5. Xiaomi Mi 5
  6. Moto G4 plus
  7. Moto G4
  8. Asus Zenfone Max
  9. Samsung Galaxy j5/j7 2016
  10. Samsung Galaxy On5/On7 2016\
  11. Samsung Galaxy j3 2016
  12. Micromax Canvas 6 pro

These phone are priced around Rs. 10000 to Rs.28000.


The latest build of Windows phone 10 is build is 10547, which was released yesterday. There are around 2000 bug fixes in the Build 10512 and so on.

Many of the bugs fixed in this latest Build, but still some of them are present.
Windows OS has been become very smooth, although it some times hang for a while.

Also Wi-fi turns On automatically, whether you turn it off or not.

if you are having password/pin On, it takes for a while to unlock phone.

Some times it hung up for a while, when you try to end call.

Also Store app has been renewed, but it's more slower than previous one same as Windows OS 10 on PC.

Some of the application like Office apps like Excel ,Powerpoint , calculator, has to be downloaded from the store and it takes very long time.

Some of the previously installed apps may not work, after the update.

The screen orientations of the apps has been changed,for some it is working nice, and for some it's quite OK.


To update Ubuntu to latest edition, that is Ubuntu 15,10, it is still in developer mode but you can still have it. Only one requirement is needed that is you have a working net connection.

you have to only type some simple code in the terminal and it will ask you to download some files about one GB space it requires and once it downloaded it will again prompt, whether to install it or not.

Also you can have Software updater from the Ubuntu software center  and this will also do the same thing.

The command you have to type in the terminal is
" sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"
this command will work for all editions of Ubuntu


To take the screen shot on any PC, there is a dedicated key present on it for this feature. all you have to do is to press "Windows Key+PrtSc" button, it will take the screen shot and save it in the pictures folder  if  you are a Linux user then simply press "PrtSc" button and a dialog box will appear showing options where you want to save the picture, browse for the folder where you want to save the Folder.

 if  you are a Linux user then simply press "PrtSc" button and a dialog box will appear showing options where you want to save the picture, browse for the folder where you want to save the screenshot.

To take screenshot on your Windows Phone ,you have to just press the volume up key and the power key at the same time, you will hear a shutter sound, when you successfully take a snapshot.

The Screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder in your mobile.


You want to watching  any video and you are getting a lot of disturbance due to the advertisements,
Now here is the solution for you if you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, all you have to do to is follow some simple steps for chrome browser:

Go to Chrome web store,click here 

after that search for the extension "Ad Block Plus" as shown in the picture. make sure you install same extension as shown in the picture, because I have tried many and this  one is the most efficient one.

click on Add to Chrome option, since i have already installed it, so it will not showing this option for me so don't get confused with that.

once this is done,it might  happen that it is not enabled by chrome, so go to Chrome Extensions and enable it from there.

hope this will help you to have a better experience with Youtube.

If you have any problem regarding this you can simply post it in the comment section.