How to recover permanently deleted file ??

To recover a permanently deleted file, their is one known software called Recuva. you can download it for free or also you can buy with some extra features, for the free download ,Click here

Follow the instructions carefully, to recover the files

Install Recuva

After installing Recuva, open it , a dialog box will appear, you can also skip this dialog box for the next time , by clicking on 'Do not show this wizard on startup'
click 'Next'

Select the type of file you want to recover, whether it is a picture or music or else choose according to your requirement and Click 'Next'

In the next step, if you don't want know the exact the location of the file, from where it was deleted, then select 'I'm not sure' option' or else browse for the location, where you have seen file last time and click 'Next'

after that, you have to select for the 'Enable Deep Scan' option and click 'Start' button 

after that, you will see that, it will start the scanning of the files, after some time it will be finished ,you will see the list of that can be recovered, select the files you want to recover and click 'Recover' button.

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