How to download Youtube Videos ??

How to download Youtube Videos??

There are a lot of ways to download Youtube videos, Some of them are as follows:

firstly, you can download Youtube Videos via download managers, some of the download managers are : Youtube Video downloader, IDM , Free download Manager , DAP etc. 

Download links For the download managers are as follows:
Secondly, you can download the videos using some of the link conversion sites, there are many sites available. Some of the sites are:

  1. Save from Net , to visit Click here
  2. Save the Video, to visit Click here
  3. Clip Converter, to visit Click here
To download videos using the download managers, just install the manager and restart your browser again, and enable managers extension in the browser. Once this is done, again restart the browser

After this, go to youtube.com and play the video you want to download, In a second or two you will be able to see the download button right top corner of the video.                                       

Instructions for Downloading Video using Link Creator sites:

To download the video, just paste the url of the video from Youtube.com in the Link box shown in the picture, the same goes for all the link creator sites you have to do the same procedure

Paste the link in the link box and press 'Enter'

After this, you will see that the video has been displayed in front of you, and respective qualities available for the video will be shown nieghbouring download Button, select the quality of the video and hit 'Download' button , to download the video.

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