How to make a USB drive bootable ??

Generally bootable pen drive is used to load an operating system into a PC/ Laptop. There are many softwares available in the market, but the most simpler one is Rufus. 

Things you need to make the pendrive bootable are ISO file of which you want to make the bootable software, a pendrive capacity of having your software and Rufus or any software that is helpful..

To download Rufus, Click here 
download it, it of just 808 KB Software

when you download the software, simply open it we do not need to install the software and Insert the pen drive. if the pendrive is not inserted, it will look something like this as shown in the picture.

make sure that your pendrive does not contain any important data, because before making it bootable, it will format the pendrive. 

if you have inserted multiple pendrive , then you must specify which drive you want to make bootable , under the 'Device' option

then you should also specify the path of the ISO file, just click on disk icon as marked in the picture shown above, browse for your file location, select the file and click OK.

then click on Start button, it will ask to format the drive, just click OK for it ,and in 5 minutes your pendrive be ready to use for booting.

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