How to create a VPN connection ??

VPN connection is Virtual Private Networking. It is used for extending your private  network to public network. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point to point connection through the dedicated connections, and tunnelling protocols.

In the market, there are many VPN servers available, you can search for it. you have to get a username and the password to establish a VPN  connection, I can only tell the method how it can be created.

Open Control Panel, click 'Network and sharing center ' option

click on 'set up a new connection on network'

it will open a dialog box, select option 'Connect to a workplace' and click Next

if you have already a connection present , then it will show here and if you want to use that, then choose that, otherwise select 'no , create a new connection'

since for the first time, I prefer to use my internet connection but you can also go for dial directly option.

then, in the next dialog box enter the address of the site from where you using the internet connection.

after clicking on create, it will show like this , On Windows 10 Network & Internet where you have to use the username and password that you have got on signing up with VPN server sites, enter the username and password and click OK 

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  1. dude, KIIT WIFI me nhi ho raha,, can u find a solution?

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  3. Can u tell..how to connect vpn in cyberoam secured network....It will help a lot..