How to create recovery of your System OS (WINDOWS)

To create the backup of your OS, you will need USB flash drive, minimum capacity of 16GB. This will create a recovery drive of OS, this can be used to format, repair and refresh the PC.
To create recovery of your PC, just follow the steps as given below:
First, go to control panel

Then Click on Recovery option, it open Recovery window.
Then in Recovery window, under Advanced Recovery tools, click on ‘create a recovery drive’, as shown in the picture:

After Clicking on the option, you will see ‘Recovery Drive’ dialog box will appear as shown in the Picture. Make sure you select the ‘Backup System files in Recovery drive’, because after clicking this drive only you will be able to Reset your PC using this Flash drive.

Insert the pen drive of minimum capacity of 16 GB, and click Next

After selecting the pen drive in which you want create recovery (if you have inserted more than one pen drive then you have to select the pen drive) as shown in the dialog box of Recovery drive, then Click Next

After Clicking Next, you will see the ‘Create’ option click on it and it will create the recovery drive within 10 min or so, depends upon your System speed.

After the recovery drive is created, you can use it as a backup of your OS for future use.

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