How to change the MAC Address of any System??

To change the MAC Address of any system, you need a utility tool called TMAC. It is available for free,  to download,Click here

After downloading it, install it and open
when you will open, it will ask for permission to open
click OK

 After that, you will see the TMAC as shown in the picture, it will show all the details of your system regarding your network, like MAC Address , hardware ID etc.
we are not concerned with that, select the wifi/ethernet option from list of adapters/connection shown in the list whom you want to change the MAC Address, as shown in the picture.

after selecting the option required by you, you will see a 'Change MAC Address' small window at the bottom of the TMAC, fill that field with any address you want to or just click on Random MAC Address, it will fill with some of the default MAC Addresses provided with the software and click on 'Change Now !' button .

Also to restore your original MAC Address, there is a option 'Restore Original' click on it, and it will change your MAC Address to your original MAC Address.

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