List of "must have" Softwares for PC

here are some of the softwares, which every PC should have, these are daily use softwares which are useful in exploring your Pc.

  1. VLC media player is the best player which can all the audio-video files of all the format, that are not playable in Windows media player, one of the alternative for this is Media Player Classic, which is really a good substitute for VLC media player.
  2. C-Cleaner is a good software for cleaning up the temporary files and unused/bad registry files which are making your Pc run like tortoise.
  3. Antivirus is not really required for Pc after Windows 8, as Windows defender works at it's very best level and able remove every unwanted files/viruses/malwares present in PC.if you want to have a antivirus then you can go for Avast antivirus. 
  4. Recuva for recovering your parmanently deleted files, this is the best software fr recovering the deleted files.you can check my post to how you can use it.
  5.  Last but not the least Chrome browser for better browsing experience as Internet explorer/Microsoft Edge generally does not load quickly as Chrome does, that's why Chrome is the best browser.        
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