What is Caret browsing ??

Caret means the cursor you see blinking, when you have selected any text box to enter text. This is used for basically selecting text in the webpage whatever you want. you will select any text in the webpage using the arrow keys buttons. To activate caret browsing in Microsoft Edge follow the steps given below:

Open Settings in Edge

 Go to advanced settings option then select for Caret browsing.

In the advanced settings, see for 'always use caret browsing' and turn it on if it's not.

To activate caret browsing on webpage, press F7 key , this will activate Caret browsing. If you are not able to see any cursor, then just click anywhere on the webpage( not any link), then you will be able to see it, and to traverse the webpage using caret,  you will have to use the arrow keys. 

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