Start Menu Windows 7

Although Windows 10 has mixed start menu of Windows OS version 7 & 8, but still some of the users who want Start menu of Windows 7 OS. they can download a software named IObit Start Menu 8. it will do your start menu same as Windows 7. This will work for Windows 10 also. 

As Windows 7 start menu is as simple. Some of users like to have a simple things instead of complex things with customizable options, for them this is a good software.

To download start menu 8, just follow the simple and quick steps:

Go to www.iobit.com  and under the utilities tab you will see the IObit Start Menu 8 

Download it and install it.

you might observe some errors like files are corrupted who have Windows 10, when the error is resolved, I will update the information. For Windows 8 and 8.1, it works fine.

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