Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality 

Hey guys! it has been a great issue created by TRAI and the Telicom companies, that there would be no Net Neutrality and to all those mails you have send to the TRAI are no more going to effect to because they think that Net Neutrality means only to "access the Internet " . where as it means access the internet whatever you want to access. 

Also now, they will be licensing the apps like Whatsapp, Wechat  etc and there will be no more free instant messaging services available for you. 

So, there is a  solution for it, you have to go "www.mygov.in"  register yourself and do post comment on the Net Neutrality regarding you want everything to access on the internet  and there should be no license for any apps.

To understand it in a more simpler way, just see the video of AIB, Save the Internet 2
Click here, to see the video

Please register....last date for it after extension is 20th of August. 
So do register and leave some healthy comments for it.
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